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Artist  * Face Painter * Outdoor Guide/Naturalist * Writer * Performance Artist

Inspired by nature, Leslie's art is stunning whether on canvas, walls, or humans ... or within a performance. Check out her creations on and off these pages and you'll see why she is requested again and again. Prepared to be inspired.

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Get Leslie's NEWSLETTER > Facebook sometimes works but if you want reliable up-to-date information on Leslie's performances or to get invited to her art shows or face painting events contact her to be added to one of her mailing lists.

She will only send short invites or brief news according to your preferences. For instance, if you are only interested in Fine Art, ask to be put on the Fine Art List and she'll only send Fine Art news (not Face Painting) but if you want to know when and where she'll be Face Painting (sometimes for free so this is a good list to be on) ask to be on the Face Painting list. If you'd like everything she's involved in, just tell her to put you on the "Everything" list.

And if you've seen "Skin Wars" on TV you'll know that Face Painting is not just for kids. For adults it's Movie Makeup also known as Body Art.

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Pablo Picasso

So what's Leslie working on now?

New! A separate website has been set up to showcase Leslie's fine art. Check it out at www.LeslieVasquezFineArt.com or CLICK HERE.

Leslie was called to the big time in 2017 to face paint at the California State Fair for the month of July. Temperatures over 105 degrees tested her sweat-resistent products but they worked great. Many parents told her that they lasted all day and a few even said they left them on for a couple of days before they smeared (which Leslie does not recommend but it's good to know the products worked).

Each year Leslie face paints at Apple Hill's Boa Vista Orchard during weekends from Labor Day through mid November. Her assistent painter face paints at Apple Ridge Orchard. This year Leslie was also seen painting at the Ripon Balloon Festival and several school carnivals, fundraisers, and private parties during that time.

WINNER! First Place - Performance Art ... 
Photo by Connie Williams Collins.

Leslie performed as a "Living Water Fountain" to open the River Reflections Fine Art Show & Competition at three locations where she won first place in three categories. Dressed as a statue complete with actual river rocks, Leslie danced and moved while water ran down her like a waterfall and poured out her fingertips. See a video of it on her
Facebook page click here to be redirected. Original music recorded by her husband Dave Vasquez.

Comments ranged from "mesmerizing," "Wow!" "incredible" to "empowering" and one in the audience made it a point to tell Leslie "we will never forget that performance. Years from now, the other art here will be a blur to us but we will still be buzzing about that performance of you as The River Goddess." Three people even said they were moved to tears. 

Leslie is available as either a Living Statue (dry - inquire about costume designs available and color choices ... marble, bronze, gold, silver) or Living Fountain (with water and pool) for Weddings, Large Events, Trade Shows or anywhere you need to draw a crowd and entertain them with something unforgettable.

NEW FACE PAINTS: Leslie has waterproof/sweat-proof face and body paints for those pool parties and music concerts so you can party, swim and dance with your face paints on. Ask for sweat-resistent.

AND her new FDA-approved Neon face paints have arrived (not water-proof but very cool glow under the black lights).

Glitter Tats are also here. FUN! FUN! FUN!

Leslie sometimes has sponsors that allow her to paint faces for free like at 49er Days in September and The Holiday Bazaar in December and several events throughout the year thanks to sponsors like the Jackson Rancheria Casino, Davenport Properties and Petroglyph Gallery. To find out when and where, get on her mailing list to receive invites.

Other accolades: 

Leslie was chosen as Art Patron of the Year 2014 for Amador County by the Arts Council.

Leslie's artwork was chosen for the juried show, San Carlos Art & Wine Festival, October 12 and 13, in the Silicon Valley area.

Her cat painting titled "Playfully Yours" won 1st Place at the Amador County Fair 2014.

She participated in the juried Los Altos Art and Wine Festival in July 12 and 13, 2014.

See her fine art LIVE - Art is always better live. You can't really get the emotional feel of it unless you see it live. Sorry, Leslie's work is currently only available online at www.LeslieVasquezFineArt.com.

Leslie's artwork was hanging 
at the Sierra House Restaurant in Pine Grove, CA, until the restaurant was sold in 2016, and for a while it hung in various local Amador County venues as part of the Arts in Public Places program of the Amador Artists Association. Occasionally she takes her artwork with her to show or festivals she is face painting at.

Don't forget to get on her mailing list here and her gmail "friend" list and Facebook "friend" list for sneak peaks from her adventures.

Other NEWSGift Certificates are now available for artwork, pet portraits or face painting at your next party ... a great gift of art for all ages or as a family gift.

Leslie accepts credit cards swiped on her smartphone or over the phone using Square Reader and Paypal Reader. 

"Create beauty. Give everything you have to creating. No matter what you have to do to get by each day, never stop creating. If it is an actual art form, you will likely master it. But if it is just how you live, you'll be very alive and far happier." ~ J. Bruce Wilcox

OFTEN REQUESTED: Leslie's husband is a guitarist in the band After Dark playing songs from the 60s, 70s 80s and 90s. After Dark won people's choice Best Band in Amador County 2017 in the Amador Ledger Dispatch's Best of the Best. Look for them on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/After-Dark/348434509922

"Friend" them to get invited to their shows.
Carson Valley Inn Casino in Nevada said they were the best band out of the 300 they'd booked.

After Dark rocked the Carson Valley Inn on New Years Eve! BEST BASH EVER!!! Two years in a row.
Fun Fact: Leslie and her husband were both extras in the movies "Breaking the Chain" and "Mixing Karma" which were filmed in Seattle and her husband, David Vasquez, composed the theme songs for some of the characters in the movies and performed them on the soundtracks. 

"Art, being quite useless, except to the soul, is the highest of all human endeavors." ~ Bruce M. Rogers

Surf these pages to see how Leslie can help and hopefully inspire you.

If you have any questions at any time, please call Leslie at 775-303-5844 or email at


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